7liter thermal cooker

7 Liter Thermal Cooker – Case of 4

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A case of four 7 liter thermal cookers.

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Product Description

The outer thermal cooker is a highly insulated stainless steel lined thermal unit.  The steel is 304-18/10 surgical stainless steel.  It has a handle that folds up and down for easy portability.  The lid on the unit seals shut when closed.  The inner stainless steel cooking pots are also made from 304-18/10 surgical stainless steel.  The inner cooking pots consist of one large pot with a heavy duty, triple layered, bottom and a smaller pot that can be nested inside the larger pot if desired.  This provides a place for an optional small side dish.  Use of the smaller pot is optional.  The smaller pot can be removed to accommodate greater quantities of food in the larger pot.  It also comes with one separate lid that fits on top of either pot.  These pots can be used on an induction stove.


Contains two inner pots and a lid.  The large pot features a Deluxe Heavy Duty Bottom.  Feeds 6-10 people.

Additional Information

Weight 43.75 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 13 x 24 in