Cooking on the Road


Here is one idea of what you can do with your thermal cooker.

Trying to decide what to do for dinner when you have been traveling during the day is always a challenge.  There are four families and we want it yummy, easy, and fast.  We solved the problem by using the thermal cooker and making chicken taco stew for dinner.  Our group consisted of four families, including eight adults and eleven kids.  We prepared the meal just before we left West Jordan, Utah to go to Parowan, Utah for the weekend.  Parowan is approximately three hours south of West Jordan.   The stew was started around 10:00 a.m.  We loaded our families into our vehicles, along with our slow cooking chicken taco stew in the thermal cookers, and headed south!  After arriving in Parowan we unpacked for our weekend, placed the thermal cookers on the kitchen counter and headed out for some fun.  We spent the afternoon in the mountains and then came back to eat dinner.  The stew had slow cooked for about eight hours at this point.  We enjoyed a delicious hot meal that we had prepared hours earlier.  No need to cook after a long drive and an afternoon in the mountains!

Road Trip!

(Picture taken @ Captiva Island- Amy Loveless)

Traveling without your kitchen and away from home can be hard on the budget. One major expense on the road is eating out two or three times a day. If you have a large group with you the costs can soar, not to mention the heath issues.  If you frequently travel, continually eating out is also brutal on the waist line.  We know a few tricks that can make meals away from home affordable, healthy, and fun. At the end of a long day of driving, the last thing you want to figure out is what to do for dinner.  Having this issue already taken care of is a great relief.  Traveling along with you is a hot and ready meal in your thermal cooker. One of the benefits of using a thermal cooker while traveling or camping is the ease of making two meals at the same time.  You can fix a quick, healthy breakfast and then use your same heat to slow cook your dinner.  All of this before checking out of your hotel or packing up your tent!  Whether you are playing at the beach, hiking at your favorite national park, or driving all day to your next stop, you can have your next meal hot and available when you are ready to eat.

What and how to pack.

  • One Saratoga Jack thermal cooker
  • One butane stove in its case
  • One pack of fuel per week
  • One kitchen in a box
  • One small cooler

If we are taking a road trip we also pack a Rubbermaid tote of shelf stable foods that we will be using in our meals.  We put our recipe items that need to be refrigerated into the cooler with ice.  We add new ice at each hotel we stay in, topping off the cooler from the ice machine.  If we are camping we stop and buy ice as needed.



Compact box with our portable kitchen.  Most these items were purchased at the Dollar Store.

kitchen in box 1 kitchen in box 2kitchen in box 3

A kitchen in a box includes:

  • One scrubbing sponge with dish soap inside for clean up
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Hot pads
  • One small cutting board
  • One medium knife
  • One pair of scissors
  • One small whisk
  • One meat thermometer
  • One rubber spatula
  • Serving/stirring spoons
  • One ladle
  • Can opener
  • Salt, pepper and a couple of your favorite spices
  • One small strainer
  • Any other items you think are necessary

I also have a small grocery bag filled with of zip lock baggies, garbage bags, plastic utensils, napkins, disposable bowls and cups.  I keep a meal plan and a shopping list for each meal in my purse.  I also take a case of water and at least one gallon jug of distilled water that I will use in my recipes.  I can refill that jug at hotels as we travel.  I only plan out meals a couple days at a time, so I don’t have a lot with us in the car.

When I go on a trip I start out with a hot meal inside the cooker the day we leave. We eat it at the end of our long drive.  I will have the ingredients for the next day’s breakfast and dinner along with me.  I also have my shopping list for the following days and will stop at a grocery store to pick up what we need as we go.

~Amy Loveless