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We provide easy and affordable solutions with our thermal cookers.

    Cooking with no power up to 8 hours = thermal cooking.
Cordless, portable, non-electric slow cooker = thermal cooker.

  1. Fuel Efficient: minimal fuel usage for each meal which gives you the ability to easily store fuel that will last longer.
  2. Various Heat Source Capabilities: stovetop, butane stove, propane, fire, rocket stove, cube stove, Volcano Stove, etc.
  3. Portable: cook while traveling in your car, motor home, van, etc. Great for preparedness and outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, pot lucks, hunting, vacations, tailgating, parties and road trips.
  4. Easy, Healthy & Inexpensive Meals: easily customize your meals to meet your dietary needs and save on not having to eat out.
  5. Cooler: keep food colder longer because of its insulation.
  6. Affordable

Here at Easy Preparedness we know the importance of being able to provide for yourself when times are hard.  Everyone is concerned about having enough fuel to cook with and having safe water to drink.  We also know that having electricity to run lights, small appliances, charge your cell phone, tablet or iPod can also be a priority.

 We are authorized dealers for all products we sell.